Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How to grow your mushrooms

You see the lone mushroom? We know we cannot remove rows of mushrooms any less than 3 so we need to make that mushroom produce babies. Make a row NEXT to the mushroom. In this picture, drop the carrot down to make the row.

The adult mushroom has divided into two baby ones. You need to do the same again. Watch what happens when I move my sun down to make the row next to the babies.

Can you see how they spring into new baby mushrooms?

Now we have 3 babies together. You can make a row anywhere on the board for babies to grow on your next row, it doesn't have to be next to it. So make a row and watch them grow.

3 adult mushrooms in a row which will be taken away. And the solo ones need to have rows made next to them to get them to start making more babies.

Just like this

points to remember:

You MUST make a row next to the adult mushroom to get it to produce.

On the next move, even if you do not match any crops next to them, they will automatically grow into adult mushrooms. If you have 3 babies in a row. even if they are anywhere on the board they will match themselves.

Unlike oysters etc, you can move your mushroom to make a row by swapping it with a normal crop as long as its full grown.

Baby mushrooms will not move even if you remove crops under them. They stay in the same spot. Full size mushrooms can be dropped down.

They also work just like regular crops, when fullsize, you can add value to them in the same way you can apples etc.

The one good thing about them is that if you are moving sheep for example, and the babies grow up next to them (touching the sheep) it will move the sheep. It can be handy when you are short on moves.

Watch the video demo here but go into settings and slow the speed down if its too fast and see my words in action.


  1. Mushrooms are awful. I hate them. I what you say, sometimes they grow in one move and sometimes they grow in two moves. I don´t have control of them. Hate them.

  2. Why do mushrooms sometimes turn back into spores (babies)?

    1. Its because that is how they multiply. Making a match next to one full grown mushroom makes them turn into two spores, then the next move you make, they grow to be two mushrooms and on and on :)

  3. I hate them, I've tried winning game 2563 on PC for about a week now (and I play a lot!), getting nowhere near the 60 needed. The mushrooms don't seem to be reacting the way they do on other games, and only a couple show a higher face value each game. I think too many people have bought their way through this, which has made King 'up' the mushroom quota. I won't pay, so I'm stuck here for eternity :(