Level 892

22 Moves
4 Fireflies
80 Carrots
95 Strawberries
95 Water drops
Observations about this level.
You don't need companions or boosters...
Break the ice and ignore the fact you have grumpy crops, just get it broken.
Stun the chicken as much as you can.
The only other crop you get apart from required crops, are the suns. Which means you will be able to make plenty of good rows.
Try and make the grass so it covers at least some of the slime squares, but even if you can only clear one side of the board, you will make grumpy rows yes, but you will make plenty of clean crops too.
Cascading crops are your friend and will earn you the points needed to pass the level.

Once you have cleared the ice, open your fireflies and remove them, leaving you just the crops to concentrate on.

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