Level 888

25 Moves (took away 4 sheep)
8 White Sheep
4 Black Sheep
95 Suns
95 Water drops
This level is one that will challenge your observation skills.
To complete in the moves, you need to move more than one sheep at a time. So you need to position your crops very carefully and not miss any chances.
You can even do that with both colours of sheep. Because the white sheep will trot along first and the black sheep last. So if you can manage to move 3 in one move, the extra moves you save will go towards gathering crops.
I know this takes some working out and you could be on it a while, but its nice to have a level that relies on your skill as well as crops falling where you need, instead of just pure luck.

Getting the crops shouldn't be too bad, as long as you match the rows of crops with points first.

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