Level 887

18 Moves
2 Black Sheep
100 Apples
100 Carrots
100 Onions
This level is one of those where you need to sit back and watch crops fall and fall. The only thing is, this makes it quite boring.
You don't need to collect the flowers, but they are obstructing the sheep and the hay, so most of them need to be opened. Meaning you will probably open all.
Save your shovels for leading your sheep. Don't be tempted to use them anywhere else until they are home.
A lot of crops will fall through the clear logs, but a lot will fall on the slime. Until you get a good couple of rows of flowers clear, don't worry about if they are grumpy crops or not. Obviously you want the clean crops, but you do have time to build up more. You need the space and the grass will clean them.
The bombs are pretty easy to clear. Just match them with a crop from the log. Even if one or two go off, as long as you collect lots of good crops later on, you will not notice the ones lost.

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