Level 885 **Farm Club**

17 Moves
2 Chicks
100 Apples
100 Carrots
This level has been changed at last!!
**and not only that its been changed again and completely re-done!
Start by making all your moves of the biggest rows of crops against the firecrackers as you need quite a few. 
We only get one chicken, but she happily lays eggs aplenty for us, so actually, getting the two chicks needed isn't that hard. The reason being, the firecrackers often crack her eggs open for us and because the crops are rotating on the logs, they move nicely into place.
As far as Farm club levels go, this is definitely one of the better ones. In my few attempts I mostly passed and the final 2 star result was without shovels. Save shovels until the end if you can just in case and you should be fine. 

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