Level 339

You MUST build up the value of these crops by making multiple matches around them. If you can't, you will run out of moves.
If you look like you might scrape past this level, you could use your boosters to get a higher score and earn more stars, but I think, unless you are really lucky, this is going to be one of those levels where you will get one star, sit back and possibly, never ever look at it again.
Of course I could be wrong and you could fly through the level. In which case, add your tips as comments underneath this post. Take advantage of any +5 moves. Use any moves you can to break your iced crops. Then you can save your shovels to grab any higher valued crops when you can.
Try and line your matches up so that if you make a match on the bottom line, the crops above will fall to line up nicely and make matches where your ice blocks are. Remember some of those matches will need to be near snowballs so that you can uncover what is underneath, as sometimes cropsies are hiding under there.


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