Thursday, 30 April 2015

Level 333

23 Moves (changed level)
50 Strawberries
50 Water

This is a really hard level again. One of the two hardest ones on this episode of levels. You only have to match strawberries and water drops but you will notice that you have a slimed area at the top of the screen. Also either side of that is an ice patch that makes snowballs. 
 As you get crops falling down they will fall through the slime making it harder for you. You have two small area's of grass on the bottom part of either side of the screen. If you can get the slimed crops to land there, they can make the grumpies, happy again. 
If you can get any extra value on crops on this level it will help you, as between the grumpies and the snowballs, its not easy to get the required amounts. 
Use your shovels wisely. Don't rush in and use them if you can make a move elsewhere. 
Try and take out as many crops as you can in the first few moves before your grumpies fall down. 
Under the snowballs are healthy crops, if you cannot see another good move, you could always take the chance and use a shovel on a snowball, but it might not be the required crop underneath.

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