Level 882

44 Moves
6 Flowers
175 Apples
175 Carrots
2 Chicks
Whenever you have a lot of moves, it means one thing. Its not easy.
The best way to tackle this is to try and gain as many crops as you can before you release the chickens.
If you use the grower companion then you don't need to worry too much about opening flowers. If you don't, then make sure you get the corner ones opened first as they are the trickiest ones.
You do need combinations etc again, and +5 as you know and I keep saying, always help. Even if they are of the wrong crop.
Once you free your chickens then make as many matches next to them as you can so you get them laying eggs all over the board. This means you should have a good chance of being able to match them up.
I would save shovels until towards the end because its frustrating just needing one more cracked egg and finding you haven't got another near. So if you save shovels for cases like this, it all helps.

** Note our video has less moves but its still the same apart from that

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