Level 877

24 Moves (revised)
6 Oysters
2 Poppy Flowers
100 Onions
100 Strawberries
To get the oysters you need to get the poppies out of the way which isn't so easy as they are sailing around on logs.
Out of the days I personally was stuck on this, the best way of completion I found was to tackle the floating poppies first.
Move your bulls up and down until you have removed both, then take them back down to get the ones in the bottom corners. Once they are hit you can move up and take out the top corners.
Along with chasing bulls, you need to grab the crops with the highest points on first.
If you have several rows of 5 crops, removing all, even if its not a required crop, will make more crops fall and add to your points.
You will need patience for this level but it can be done without boosters or extra shovels.

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