Level 874

20 Moves
2 Chick
75 Apples
75 Carrots
The chickens are behind the poppies. You don't need to collect the poppies for the requirements,
It doesn't seem to make too much difference using companions, but it might just make it a little easier for you.
You can complete the level if you only move one chicken, which is good as it doesn't take so many crops flying about, like it would if you used all 3.
Save shovels until the last as you could use them to crack eggs.
Two things are important though.
  1. Do not move the bulls out of those rows until they have got the poppy in each row. And at least one has hit the chicken. If you move it by mistake, start again. Unless you were lucky enough to get a chicken in the right spot, you won't be able to get it back in its place.
  2. Try and get as many combinations etc to get as many crops as you can before you move a chicken. Once the chicken is in play, it regularly lands on crops you have lined up.

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