Level 871

? Moves
2 Dragons
90 Onions
90 Strawberries
10 Water drops
If you were to build up the value of the water drops in the middle, you wouldn't need to worry about making any water from the buckets.
You only seem to get 6 uncracked eggs on the board at one time, so try to keep them together so you can make rows to crack. Otherwise its practically impossible. I am not sure how many cracked eggs you can have, as I didn't count, but it might be worth watching to see.
You need to make sure that you add points to the rest of your crops. Try setting them up to cascade, and you should get some opportunities to have 5 of a row.
Once you have got your water, it doesn't matter if you set your frogs jumping about, as all they can do is squash some crops, not eat any.

Be prepared to play over and over again.

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