Level 870 **Farm Club**

16 Moves (revised)
45 Apples
45 Carrots
45 Water drops
45 Onions
Try and match up some crops next to your buckets of water. Because the slime can be avoided, but why settle for one star on a farm club level when you can have 3? When the water co-operates and jumps next to a seed, make your grass. Hopefully covering the slime. If you can make a few patches of grass here and there but near each other not only will you counteract the slime, but you will also get vitally needed points on your crops.
Watch for the crops on logs to help make matches for you without having to make another move to get them. So set them up carefully so that when they rotate, they make new rows for you.
Always get the higher points crops first and as usual +5 really help.

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