Level 869

21 Moves (revised)
2 Sheep
4 Flowers
135 Apples
135 Carrots
I recommend using the whale companion on this level. I don't like recommending companions, but you don't have enough moves otherwise unless every move is a lucky move.
The whale opens flowers for you, so you still have to collect apples to activate him, and you might still need to make some moves around the flowers yourself, but he helps.
Again with the crops, you need luck, combinations, +5 and cascading crops to add points.
The biggest problem really on this level, is the iced crops on the logs and the sheep. You need a row in just the right place to get the sheep. Ideally when there is a log next to them at the bottom of the screen, if your crops are in a good place, you can just nudge them across but it doesn't happen often enough.
Or as usual, you get sheep but not crops.
Break the iced crops either by letting them get to the top and making a row, or sometimes they line up with crops along the sides and break for you which is handy.

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