Level 867

20 Moves (revised)
4 Sheep
80 Apples
80 Carrots
80 Strawberries
You have hay seeds, so you need to make the hay, but you also need to make it where its better for you.
Try and get it more central, nearer the sheep where you can get it.
Use the logs to move the sheep, or to make some clever matches.
Ideally you need to move the sheep in as little moves as you can so that you save the rest for gathering crops. They will move about a lot and go backwards and forwards so it looks like you waste moves.
Try and set your crops up so that when the river moves along, the logs move and make more rows for you. It will save moves and increase points on your crops.

You can use the +5 to get more crops falling but to add points to your crops, even if its not the required crop you have used it on.

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