Level 862

18 Moves
3 Black Sheep
115 Onions
115 Carrots
115 Apples
This is a fun level. And achievable without using companions. However due to time constraints, I found more success with. If you're not in a hurry, don't use them :)
+5 rows should be easy to get on here. As are combinations.
You need to move your sheep from the logs on the left, over the logs on the right to the hay. So move them as soon as you can.
Line them around the small island so as soon as your crops line up on the logs, you can move them over.
Move them onto the island even if they don't land on hay as you can move them, but be careful. If you have them on the top part, until the logs more around again, you could find your crops blocked off and your sheep sat next to blank spaces where crops should be but can't get to.

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