Level 861

The igniter companion helps here.
We need 660 worth of Water drops, Strawberries and Carrots here to throw at Rancid in 16 moves.
There are a LOT of firecrackers and that is the key.
The grass area at the bottom is where you will make points so make all your matches on there.
When you make your first few moves, you will notice the firecrackers all fall onto your grass, so you need to move quickly to remove them.
Try to separate your crops when making rows so as the firecrackers fall, they still have crops in between them.

This is where the igniter companion comes in. The key to the level, you need to set off as many of the firecrackers as you can, they need to set others off. You need explosion after explosion because while its doing so, its removing crops for you and that is how you will beat Rancid.

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