Level 859

19 Moves (revised)
16 Flowers
80 Apples
80 Carrots
80 Suns
Its not so frightening in this level as it looks.
*edit* Since King changed it, I didn't need to use a companion on the video. 
Make the flowers first, crops will fall later opening them for you, but you need to make the extra flowers that are not sitting on the board first as they will be harder to get. 
I would recommend using the grower companion on this level. That way you only need to grab one apple each time you want to activate it and it helps open two flowers each time.
This leaves you to concentrate on the other requirements.
You need to make more flowers but you don't need to make water this time thankfully.
Watch for where the crops are on the logs and when you can match them with other rows as they move around.
Combinations, +5 will help you, leaving moves to get 3 stars if that is your aim. But you should be able to pass this one easier than some of the others.

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