Level 857

23 Moves (revised)
6 Poppy flowers
160 Carrots
160 Onions
10 Firecrackers
If you use the first companion, it helps by igniting your firecrackers. It comes in useful.
Open the middle poppy flowers using the bulls that are positioned in the right place, so be careful not to move them up or down.
Once they are done, you need to remove as many firecrackers as you can, so that you can get a bull to the left and the right side, leaving the path clear to hit the poppies above and below them.
You will need combinations, +5 and a lot of sanity. For such a simple level it does its best to be awkward. You need a lot of points on crops to fulfill the requirements. Even though it now needs less crops, they also removed a move, so it doesn't really make it easier.

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