Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Level 853

22 Moves
2 Poppy Flowers
3 Fireflies
155 Onions
155 Carrots
853 is one of those levels where it looks like you will never complete it. And if you get just one star you will probably never look at it again.
You need to open the fireflies and set them free to start with.
Then you need to make as many rows next to water as you can, so it jumps up, breaks the ice and allows you the chance to move the bulls over. They are really easy.
The problem is the rest of the crops. Save as many moves as you can for this, along with your shovels.
You need cascading crops, which is not easy to set up because you have to rely on them falling down, and you cannot see what will fall. So luck comes into it.
You need combinations, +5 and a lot of extra points on crops.