Monday, 2 March 2015

Level 848

19 Moves (revised)
199 Apples
12 Flowers
99 Strawberries
99 Suns
Despite the apple eating frog, this isn't really a bad level. It might take some tries, but its fun, which makes it better.
Most of the time, you can keep the frogs where they are until you have moved most or all of the flowers, so they don't really get in the way too much. And if they do, well you get plenty of falling crops to add points on.
Cascading crops is your key to points. Plan rows so you get lots of falling crops. +5 matches, combinations, you know how it goes. And you will soon have this level beaten.
The flowers tend to open well when you get falling crops too, as they have more chances of being hit so that is helpful.

Its really not as scary as it looks. Once the flowers are moved, you have more room for falling crops which adds points.

**please note, they lowered the requirements since we played it, but as you need less, we don't need to change the video **

This video has two less moves, so I left it in anyway as you have more :)