Monday, 2 March 2015

Level 847

20 moves (revised)
90 Water drops
70 Carrots
70 Suns
1 Poppy Flowers

The trick to getting the bull is, you need a lot of water, and it has to go in the right places to make a row to move the bull to the poppy. That is how we deal with him. IF you are really lucky, you may find that crops will sometimes fall, or you can knock a crop away with a shovel and it will be a decent crop you need. But that happens rarely.
The other problem with this level is the amount of crops.
I really hate saying this, but it is a complete luck level. There isn't really a lot of skill to it.
Don't bother using boosters until you know it will help, and companions, well it didn't always seem to make a difference using them or not. The only advantage is, they will make crops, but also can jump where your planned matches are.
The best way to tackle this level is to make as much water as you can, and grab higher points crops first. 
Save your shovels until towards the end if you can, its really annoying to find you could have done it with just one more move and you used your shovels too quickly.