Level 427

27 Moves (revised)
4 Flowers
2 Chicks
100 Strawberries
100 Suns

Ok. So in this level you need to get the ice broken as quickly as possible so that you can open the flowers. 

You need to get your chickens out, so if you wanted to, you could always smack them with a shovel. 
Of course, to get the ice broken you have to move the webs. 
I half expected the chicken to pop up somewhere just to make it a little harder too. Luckily there are no carrots, or he probably would have! Break the webs and the ice, open your flowers, move your chickens and its just a case of planning your moves before you take them. 
Sometimes the obvious one isn't always the right move to make. Keep making rows next to your chickens to get them to move and they will lay plenty of eggs. 
Hopefully once you have cleared the obstacles, you will get rows of crops falling down and the chance to match +5 crops.


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