Level 426 **Rancid**

21 Moves

And this time the only cropsies that can be used against him are 200 Carrots and Strawberries. 

We do have a little help against him in the form of apple eating frogs. 
The frog gets the apples out of the way and we have more space for needed crops to fall. Even though you only need those two crops, if you can make a +5 row of any other crop, make it, as it will also clear the board of a lot of crops for you to get new ones falling. Watch out for the snowballs, but they shouldn't be too much of a problem if you make rows near them. 
Use your shovels to move crops out of the way for successful matches whenever you can. This might not be a level you can complete straight away but again, its not one of the hardest rancid levels. It just needs some clever planning of your moves to move the crops you need and move the frogs where you want them to be. 
Take advantage of the grass area too, although there isn't a lot this time.


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