Level 424

18 Moves
1 Flower
75 Apples
65 Water drops

Oh my this is such an annoying level! 

Patience and perseverance is needed here. 
You only need the one flower which is good, but you really need to avoid setting the frogs off. 
If you set them off and you haven't got many crops, my advice would be to quit the game and start again. 
If you have got quite a few already then see if you think it is worth carrying on. 
The firecrackers can be very useful as long as they don't land on your frogs. 
As long as they stick to sparking onto the main board and removing your crops, they are very helpful. 
You need to build up value on all your crops as much as possible in this level, so plan all moves really carefully. 
Try and grab them on the grass if you can for extra help.Use shovels to remove stray crops that are in the way so you can make better matches, that way you won't lose your points that you are building up. 
This is going to be one of the levels that you will need to keep restarting, but it will be worth it in the end when you get a good board.


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