Level 422

15 Moves
50 Carrots
50 Suns
30 Water drops

No frogs, but we have rows of slime and grumpy crops. 

Use the grumpies to make rows next to your water barrels and get your water jumping out. 
Not only to get your needed water, but to also combine with the grass seed to make patches of grass. 
Not only will grass add points to your crops, they will also cancel out the slime and make your grumpies, Happies again. 
You don't need to get the grass, or the flowers if you don't want to, but I think you will find the level easier if you do. 
Use shovels to move the seed or the water drop down so that they are next to each other, to speed up the process a little. 
You can move the seed onto the slime without it being affected, if you have a water drop next to it that is sat in the slime. As long as you are going to put the water drop onto the grass.


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