Level 420 **Farm Club**

15 Moves
100 Water drops
50 Apples
50 Strawberries
50 Suns

A lot needed on this board but its not a very big one. 

On top of that you can see the frogs, just awaiting activation. 
You can see them licking their lips in anticipation. At least they are only the water collecting ones this time. 
Try to avoid the firecrackers this time, they are just a hindrance. 
Make all your rows where you can, next to your water barrels, you need to get as much water jumping out as you can, quickly. 
If you hit the firecrackers you run the risk of hitting the frogs. 
Once you have all your water drops collected, its actually a good idea to have frogs on the board, as they will slurp your water away, leaving more room for the other crops to fall. Then they make themselves useful :)) 
Plan moves carefully so as you move one row, it will make another row fall, this is how you will get your points which you need for all 3 stars, earning your animals.


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