Level 416

19 Moves
130 Apples
200 Strawberries

You need to get the ice broken as quickly as you can, so that you can get your crops falling onto the grass area. 

On this level you need to get the crops falling and falling so you can get the extra points building up. 
If you can do this over and over again, you will remove all the crops you need in your allotted moves. 
I know that your board doesn't look like the video, and your crops probably don't fall like in the video, but when you get the right board they will. 
Try and avoid the frogs if you can. 
Its not impossible to complete the level with frogs everywhere but it is easier without them. 
Sometimes its worth just quitting the level and starting again.


  1. Best thing to do after unlocking iced crospies is to try and move the frogs upwards off the grass and keep the matches there !


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