Level 414

25 Moves
3 Spiders
100 Water drops

This level is a really fun level to play once you understand the rules. Don't touch anything on the right hand side of the screen where your spiders are, unless you can make rows easily. What you need to do (and it took me a few goes to realise this) is make your rows on the bigger board, next to the water barrels, but also next to the firecrackers. When you set off the firecrackers, they will explode to various points around the board. And its a similar principle with the water, the water will swallow up the crops and make it easier to make rows for you. If the webs do get in the way, you can always use a shovel to break them. If you keep following this method over and over, you will soon move your spiders, with just a little push here and there.


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