Level 408

18 Moves
8 Flowers
100 Carrots
100 Onions
100 Suns

This is a really hard level. Each level bomb count seems to be different, but you need to clear the row of flowers so that you can get down to them and you only have 9 moves before they go off. On top of that, you also have bombs in the top half as well to watch. Your frogs eat Strawberries and Water drops. Unfortunately you could do with more frogs My advice would be to hit them with a shovel, before you make a single move. They will jump to their respective crops and hopefully slurp some bombs up. You have 3 shovels so you could hit one twice. I wouldn't bother saving the shovels for detonating bombs as you don't get enough. Make your rows against the flowers, so that you are hitting at least 3 each time. This will open more of them quicker. If you end up with bombs exploding, all is not lost. I still managed to get 3 stars even losing crops. Make sure you take advantage of any higher value crops, and keep matching at the bottom of the board, hopefully you will get multiple rows matching up as they fall down.We have two videos for you to watch to give you an idea of how to beat this level. Just click on the links.


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