Level 406

17 Moves
46 Water drops
64 Suns
64 Carrots

This level, which harder, is more of a fun level than some of the earlier frog ones. The only frogs on this level are here to help us as we don't need to collect the crops they represent. Get the frogs moving as quickly as you can, they will swallow up the other crops and hopefully give you more chances of getting needed crops falling. If you can't make a row next to them, remember you can use your shovel to hit them and get them to jump. You know that you get extra points on your crops for matching on the grass, so make matches from the bottom, to bring crops falling down onto the grass and hopefully you will get some nice points adding up. Keep an eye on that water though! You need to make 46 water drops, so make sure you move your water as many times as you can. You will probably have to repeat this level over and over, but you will get it, and you can always come back to it when you have completed the others if you want more stars.


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