Level 404

20 Moves
6 Flowers
40 Water drops
60 Apples
60 Carrots
Well four of the frogs are quite useful on this level as they are red, and we do not need to collect strawberries. We need to try and keep clear of the green ones for as long as we can, which won't be easy as we need to get the flowers opened that they are hiding behind. On top of that, we also need to make water drops flow out. So we need to combine the two. Try and make your rows against the water and at least one of the flowers if you can. Easier said than done I know. If you can't do both, try and make them against as many flowers as you can instead, and work on opening those first. Sometimes it helps to work on the lower half of the board first, because they you get more falling crops which can sometimes match themselves up for you, and start opening flowers which is quite handy. Get your red frogs moving and they will help you by removing unnecessary crops. Make as many combinations as you can and it will help your points too. You need to remember to hit as many flowers, and/or water barrels as you can in one move.


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