Level 403

21 Moves
6 Flowers
120 Apples
130 Strawberries
 O.K. As you can see, most of the board is covered in ice and you have two frogs awaiting you. You have no choice but to work your way down towards them. Luckily there are only two, so just do your best. Open your flowers quickly as the more board space you have, the better. Then your frogs will start jumping about but they are not too bad this time. Yes they will slurp your crops away, but if you plan your moves carefully, you can get more than one row out of a move. This in turn will keep Mr Froggy where he is, but also get you added points bahaha. (she says this while replaying her level to help with tips and then watches as both froggies slurps away all her careful plotting) This level isn't as tricky as it looks but it IS tricky. You just need careful planning and no hasty moves. And above all else, remember your shovels. You can move frogs with them or break ice to free your cropsies. See where you can make a +5 row and if you have added points on some crops, it will all help to getting your requirements.


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