Level 401

23 Moves
80 Carrots
40 Water drops
40 Strawberries
Kissing frogs does not work on this level. They won't turn into princes, they will not play nicely. Maybe later but not now. The frogs are red, which means that they will eat all your strawberries, making it harder for you to get the amounts you need. The amount of times I have lined up a move to have them jump over and eat them could make me scream. Of course every time you make a line of cropsies next to them, just like the chickens in previous levels, they jump over and slurp all their crops around them. Meanies! My tip for beating this level is, as usual, make rows on the grass wherever you can, and preferably up against the water barrels. Kill Two birds, with one stone as the saying goes. Try to avoid the frogs if you can, but its not the end of the world if you don't. When you have got all your 40 strawberries you can use the frogs to help you then by eating up the ones you don't need, leaving other crops to fall down. Wherever you can, make rows of 5 cropsies or other combinations. The more you remove the better, and you also get extra points on your other crops. As you need such a high amount of carrots, make sure you match any when they have higher value as they are going to be harder to catch.


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