Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Level 400

20 Moves
12 Flowers
50 Water drops

In this final level of episode 27 you have many grumpy crops. All is not lost though as even grumpy crops can make water when you make a row out of them, or open flowers. Use the grumpy ones to do your dirty work for you in opening the flowers and making water, then when you have a chance, make your rows of water on the grass so that they get extra points. You need to try and do all this in as least moves as possible or you will run out of them quickly. Make your rows in between flowers, or next to more than one to make it easier and save moves. Once you have done this, or have a chance to, make your rows next to the water. As you will see you need to make it land on the grass or it will turn grumpy, so make sure you make every possible match you can.

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