Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Level 399

20 Moves
2 Dragons
40 Carrots
140 Water drops

The object of this level is quite simple, you don't need to move the eggs at the bottom, you do need to move the egg at the top down, but keep it in the same column as in the picture for the level. 

Its important that it stays in the same column and doesn't move as it will not be easy to get it back to where you need. You need to keep it in that column so that the egg will fall into place. 
You need to set off the firecrackers so that they will spark onto the crops in the way, or you can make a row of crops under it, as long as you do not move it left or right, then the egg will move down. 
You need to get it in place of where the crop is next to the two eggs. Once that egg is in place, if its not hit by a firecracker spark, crack it open with a shovel so that it will meld with the other eggs and make a dragon. 
The eggs on the left side are slightly different. When the crop marked with an x is removed, the egg above will fall into its place. If the firecracker doesn't spark onto it, you could use a shovel to remove it. That is one part of this level. The second is to get a lot of water while trying to gather the carrots too. 
Keep an eye open for any possible 5 in a row crops. 
Keep making rows next to the firecrackers as they will remove crops for you. Make the biggest combinations you can so that all your water and carrots will have extra value added onto them. Save your shovels for possibly cracking the eggs or removing the crop in the way of making the egg row.

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