Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Level 398

25 Moves (revised)
4 Flowers
100 Suns
20 Water drops

On this level you can see we need to get to the flowers which are behind the ice blocks to make things tricky for us. They are in between the water barrels which mean that we need to remove the flowers before we can get the water. Sometimes the iced crops and the crops around it are in a position where they can be started quickly, you could use a shovel to break the first crop. You need to get things moving as quickly as possible as your moves will soon start to disappear and you need a lot of suns to collect. Make your moves near a firecracker, let them be your friend to help you with your battle to complete the level. Don't worry too much about unblocking the ice above the outer barrels, once you remove the flower you can get to them that way, plus the ones in the middle to get your water, it might save you some moves if you just leave them. As long as your flowers are unblocked quickly the rest will follow. Again making rows of 5 cropsies will help in this level.

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