Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Level 396 **Rancid**

You have 28 moves to defeat the smug smirking weasel, we need to throw 480 Strawberries, Apples, suns and water drops at him. Underneath the iced crops are patches of grass. Try and break the ice as soon as possible, then you can get your crops onto the grassed area and amass extra value on your crops. More value means heavier crops to fling at him. So keep your eyes open to break it as soon as you see a chance. Then keep trying to make lines of crops on the grass for the points. This is one level that would be handy if it had firecrackers in, but I think Rancid has hidden them! Try to remove only the crops that you need if you can, although if you remove 3 or more carrots, you will get extra value on your needed crops. Of course the other advantage of clearing the iced area means you can make more rows at the bottom, which will make more crops fall from the top, giving you added chances of multiple matches. Fear not, it may take a few attempts, but you will succeed!!

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