Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Level 395

24 Moves
4 Spiders
160 Carrots

160 Apples
20 Firecrackers
You will notice looking at this level that although we only need to collect 4 spiders, there are many empty webs for them to escape in to. 13 to be exact. Unlucky number for some. The object of this level will really be to concentrate on the spiders, while making sure you don't miss any good matches for carrots. Its a level you need to take your time on and consider your moves before you play them. Break the webs at the earliest opportunity, even if it means using a shovel. But don't use all 3 of your shovels yet as its a good idea to try and spread them throughout the game, keeping one for if you need it at the end. Take advantage of the firecrackers they can break webs for you, or remove problem crops, they can be very useful (until they steal one of your carefully manoeuvred crops anyway) Try and match as many crops up as you can in one move, making combinations that will earn you extra value or just remove more crops so you have a chance of the ones falling down that you can use.

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  1. my 395 farm heroes has 4 spiders how do i get rid of them?