Farm Heroes Saga Level 393

To get the firecrackers moving to a place we can reach them we have to open all of the flowers. To make it easier to open the flowers, see if you can make rows of cropsies vertically against them more than one at a time.
Sometimes its easier to start with the higher flowers, but sometimes its better to make matches at the bottom so that other crops can fall down. We need to move the firecrackers so that we can start them exploding because if we don't make 6 explode, mission over.
The onions should not be too hard to gather as there is a nice patch of grass in the middle of the board and when they fall they can get extra value. Watch your matches carefully to see where the best place to get them is. You need to get the higher value on the onions. Luckily its not to difficult to make the chicks here.


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