Farm Heroes Saga Level 392

This is the hardest level of all the newest levels so far. The flowers and water barrels are hidden behind the snow patches, but it's not impossible to do this level. You will likely manage to get all the strawberries easily enough as you are playing your way through the level. Make rows out of the highest value berries first. What you need to do is make rows around your firecrackers. These are essential in this level because they can get to the parts that you cannot reach yet. Many will likely set water off and land in the snow, but a good many will land in the main board. I found most of my water jumped out by making crops match up and by the firecrackers landing on them, I just had to remember to gather the extra I needed to get all 30. If you can use a seed (by swapping it with a water drop) the best place to make grass grow is over the snow patch. They cancel it out and stop it freezing over again. Like a little bit of spring time. If you can make rows against the snow, sometimes the correct crop will be underneath it, and it will work to your advantage. When the seeds or the firecrackers sit on a snow patch, the snow will not freeze over them. Handy hint to know. If you cannot make grass over the snow part, hopefully your firecrackers will land on your flowers. If you need extra help, use shovels to help open or remove them.


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