Farm Heroes Saga Level 388

Welcome to the fun level (not) I sat and played this over and over before I sat back and thought there must be a better way.
And there was, they revised it and added companions and it made it easier.
Be careful with the eggs, because if you make 3 in a row, there won't be enough of the other eggs left to make 2 chicks out of each side which is what you need to have. You will get more eggs fall if you use them up before getting the chicks, but they won't come down anywhere near where you need them so will be impossible.
The solution is to use your firecrackers to crack them for you.
Try and make as many strawberries in a row, and the suns as you can, near the firecrackers.
Then when the firecrackers explode, you have a chance that they will land on your eggs, cracking them.
When there is 3 in a row they will make a chick for you.
Don't waste moves trying to do it any other way as it won't work, you will just waste moves.
If you end up losing too many eggs and know that you won't have enough to make a chick, quit the game and start again. Remember you can use your shovels to help the firecracker explode, or make a better match by removing a stray crop that might be in the way.


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