Farm Heroes Saga Level 387

The chickens are sat off the main board and will need moving to be able to collect the chick in this level, or they won't lay any eggs. You can move them by hitting them on the head with a shovel, or be kinder to poor little chickens and use the firecrackers instead. As you know by now, when you make 3 rows next to the firecrackers, they explode and land in four different places, just like having four shovels. The only problem with this is they are sleeping away behind the flowers, so we need to wake them up by opening their protectors. We need all 9 flowers, so try and make rows of the crops along the flowers if you can. That way you can be opening 3 in one move. Remember to get your suns along the way too as you need to get quite a few of them. Once you have freed the firecrackers, try and set them off as quickly as you can. Not only will the sparks hopefully free your chickens, they will also dig up your cropsies for you too.


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