Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 385

25 Moves
3 Dragons
10 Flowers
75 Suns
75 Onions
On this final level of the episode, the eggs are back.
There are quite a few of them so it should be easy to make the needed dragons. You will notice the grass around the edges, try and make as many matches as you can on there, because as you know, it will add value to your crops.
Also at the same time as doing that, you will be opening your flowers.
Try and match against your flowers if you can.
The firecrackers come in handy on this level, opening flowers and taking crops.
If you find you need help with opening flowers or cracking eggs though, why not use a shovel?
Make as many larger matches as you can, if you can match 5 in a row, that’s even better.

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