Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 383 **Rancid**

It's Rancid Time.
33 Moves

Crops needed to throw at Rancid are: Suns, Strawberries and Water drops. 

Actually this level is not to be dreaded as much as normal rancid levels are. 
I found this to be the easiest Rancid level of all. 
The only difficult part was how many stars you get. If you only want one star, then you will pass this with ease. 3 stars is a little harder to get. In the video with this link, I used beans to make it easy. I usually try it on easy first, but to be honest, on some levels, it doesn't make a difference which you use.
The secret to this level is, make matches on the grass. That's it. No massive secret, and the second thing is, use shovels to help make better matches. 
Shovels can make all the difference. You will have to make matches elsewhere, its inevitable, but if you do, try and make them at the bottom so that the crops have more falling room. 
Try and match 5 crops at a time if you can. It doesn't matter if its 5 of the crops you don't need, it can all still help.
 The more moves you have left after battering Rancid, the higher the score you will have. Good luck and have fun with this one.

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