Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 382

15 Moves
12 Apples
8 Flowers
12 Strawberries

Thankfully an easier level after the last one.

 Start making matches near the flowers as you need to open all of them. 
Try and make matches so that your row touches more than one at a time, because as you know by now, this saves moves. 
In my opinion the hardest ones to get were the two bottom central ones, so try and plan your matches carefully so you can match near them,You will notice that there are not so many apples, although you do get some more fall, there are more numbers of the other crops. 
This isn't a problem though, as with the strawberries too, if you just build up the value before you remove them, you won't need to remove many. The biggest trial you have will be your flowers.

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