Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 381

25 Moves
200 Water drops

By the time you see this guide you will have already attempted to play this level many times and come to the conclusion it hates you and you will never ever pass it. Well it doesn't hate you and you will pass it. Its more of a combination of patience and the right board. 

First things first.
 Don't bother trying to use the seeds to make grass unless you find yourself without any other moves. Although grass is always useful, and this level is no exception, you only get 25 moves, if you waste 4 moves making grass, that leaves you with 21. 
21 moves sounds a lot, until you play the level and you find, actually, 21 moves go nowhere because of all the mean unhappy grumpy water. 

Secondly plan your moves VERY carefully. Take advantage of any and all match 5's. It doesn't matter what crop you match, you need to make as many moves as you can next to the water so the water starts flowing. Yes you need higher value water, but the more moves you make next to the barrels, the more chance you have of flooding the board. 

Thirdly, keep an eye on those bombs. Sometimes they explode and don't seem to cause any problems, but 99% of the time they do, unless you haven't collected any water. You need every drop on this level, so don't let the bombs eat them. 
Use a shovel to catch any stray bombs that have counted down to 1. It's always better to try and make moves from the centre of the board down, as you have more chance of falling matches. 
If you get so far through and look at your game and can tell its going nowhere, ie: a board full of bombs, more grumpy water than clean and running out of moves, call it quits. Restart the level and save yourself some time and sanity. This level is not for the faint hearted.

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