Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 380

13 Moves
2 Spiders
2 Flowers
6 Water drops
50 Suns

This is a sneaky little level. 

The two spiders we need to collect are hiding in the basement surrounded by their webbed crops. So you need to make a match with the webbed crops and start freeing them. 
Or if you find it easier, you could use shovels to break the web and free the crops, It depends on what the level layout is like. 
The best way to start the game is by freeing the spiders and in as least moves as possible. Then work on the flowers, making sure that you gather any higher value suns or match them up in between. 
Some of these moves will be next to your water to make the water jump out, but if not, you can always pat the water with a shovel when the water is near the top. You only need 6, so if you can build up the value, you only really need to remove 3.

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