Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 379

30 Moves
16 Flowers
16 Water drops
90 Strawberries
128 Suns

Luckily here we don't need to get a lot of water which is good as it is all hidden behind the flowers. 

You need to open all the flowers and get them out of the way, while making sure you get the other crops too. 
128 Suns seems to be a funny number to get lols. 
Open all the flowers, try and match 5 when you can to remove all the same crops, and make sure that when matching you match the higher value crops for more points. If you need to, make use of your shovels. 
Sometimes by removing a crop with a shovel you can make bigger matches. 
When matching next to the flowers, remember to touch more than one at a time so that you need less moves to open them. 
This is quite an easy level, just plan moves ahead.

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