Saturday, 28 March 2015

Level 377

20 Moves
40 Strawberries

Ice level. 

All your wanted strawberries are under ice, along with other crops. But to get to the strawberries, you need to make room around them. 
Watch your firecrackers and use them when you can, because when they explode, they will explode onto four places and then hopefully melt ice for you. 
You need to build up the value of the strawberries to get the needed number and it will be a little tricky in this level as you have 20 moves but they don't go very far when you can only gather the one crop. 
I also found out that it is best to not make 5 of the strawberries on this level, as yes they will all be removed, but you will not get any extra value on any and will lose valuable points. Its a good idea if you can match 5 on any of the other crops though. 
Remember that you can use shovels to break some of the ice to make life easier, sometimes a crop is in the perfect place but iced over, so it makes more sense to break it, than waste moves. 
You will probably need to keep playing this level several times, so don't lose heart.

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