Level 375

We can see the 5 Spiders sitting on the board, there are two empty nests waiting to be filled. Spoil their fun by breaking their webs as quickly as you can, once the jump into the empty nests you get mostly a solid block of web at the bottom and its harder to reach them.
Firecrackers are also your friends as well as a requirement in this level, they act like shovels, but instead of hitting one place, can hit multiple places, so can break webs for you too if they land in a handy place.
I think it hits in four places, but its fast so I could be wrong lol. Many times I use shovels to break a piece of web to get things started, as you usually find a good move and one of the crops are webbed. It saves using a move.
Although you have 24, I have noticed the more moves you have, the less easy the level is. Its hard really on this level to say what the best plan of action is.
Consider all your moves before you make them would really be the best one, something I frequently don't do because I am too impatient.
I would say probably concentrate on keeping or making a clear path for your spiders, watching out for the onions as you go along, but sometimes the firecrackers can help more.


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